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Question: Font changes on different devices

I have some specific font in my e-lesson, but when I am publishing it and testing on different devices, the font changes to one of the basic fonts. What can I do to keep my font the same as in my project file? 
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RE: Question: Font changes on different devices
10/12/17 7:29 PM as a reply to Elena Obukhova.
Hi Elena,
SmartBuilder uses Device fonts by default.  This means that it does not bundle the fonts with the lesson.  This keeps the lesson file sizes smaller, and allows them to load and also display more quickly.  This works when you have common fonts, like Arial, that should be on every device.

However, if you are using uncommon fonts, or do not want the browser to be in charge of displaying the font (which can display slightly differently on different browsers/devices - such as character spacing or line spacing), then you can use WYSIWYG text rendering.  You can set a particular object to use WYSIWYG text, or your entire lesson.  WYSIWYG will make it so that you see the exact shapes for each character that you see in the authoring environment.

If you have only a few objects that you want to be WYSIWYG, then you can change the Text Rendering in the Properties panel from Default to WYSIWYG for those objects.

If you want to change your entire lesson, then leave everything as Default, and instead go to Edit > Lesson Settings, and change the entire lesson all at once.

You can override the Lesson Settings by choosing Device or WYSIWYG instead of Default (Default uses the Lesson Settings value) for each object.

Hope that helps!

- Nav
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