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Page Transition

Page Transition
12/15/17 5:41 AM
I can't figure this out, how do I have my pages flow to the next one, when it is not prompted to click on anything?  It is suppose to flow to the next page once the time ends on it, when I publish it.
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RE: Page Transition
12/15/17 6:32 PM as a reply to ofelia Kiedpool.
Hi Ofelia,
SmartBuilder is Event-based, not TImeline-based.  While you can have Timeline on your pages, in order to do most anything, you'll need to create an action, which has a trigger and a response (a When and a Do).

So to move from one page to the next, you need to decide on your trigger.  It can be a button that is clicked, or when the Timeline reaches a cue point.  Then the response will be to go to the next page.  Here's what those actions look like:

Alternatively, you can use one of our Master Templates, which include navigation buttons.  However, it sounds like you want something that automatically moves to the next page after the Timeline is done.  That method is discussed in the video above.
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