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Is there a way to move an object in SB4 using keyboard?

Hello - I've searched through help documentation and cannot seem to find an answer for my question so I'm posting it here.

Is there any functionality in SB4 that would allow users to move an object/image using arrows on the keyboard?

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RE: Is there a way to move an object in SB4 using keyboard?
1/9/19 5:48 PM as a reply to Jodie Ward.
Hi Jodie,Currently there is not.  However, we are adding the ability to detect keyboard input in our next version!

Out of curiosity, what are you hoping to build?  Typically just moving objects isn't an entire interaction - it is usually accompanied with a need to detect the placement of the object in order to validate something.  That is a separate, tricky, issue.

Moving objects with the keyboard (or detecting keyboard interaction in general) also opens itself up to a few complications.  Mobile users don't have a keyboard (not one with arrows, at least), and there is the issue of focus - what if the user has clicked into a Text Input field, made a Radio Button selection, or clicked on the browser's address bar?  I'm not entirely sure how those objects will interact with keyboard input - we'll have to do some more testing around that.

A drag and drop interaction without defined "drop zones" allows for free form dropping, and circumvents most of the issues above.  Using a mouse (or a touch on mobile devices) clears up the ambiguity of what object you're interacting with (the focus).

Another approach is to use on-screen arrow buttons to move an object.  This will work for mobile and non-mobile users, and allows some form of knowing where the moved object is (by keeping track of how far you have moved it).

Hope that helps!
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