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Adding a "$"

Adding a "$"
3/22/19 7:01 PM
I'm building a simulation where I need the users to enter a number and then have that number, multiplied by 2, show up in a text box with a "$" as a prefix. Any way of making that happen? (Image of what I have so far is attached.) 

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RE: Adding a "$"
3/22/19 10:39 PM as a reply to Scott Sheridan.
Hi Scott,
This is a great question.  Thanks for posting it on the forum!

You have a few options to do this:
1. Fake it with another text object
2. Use the Advanced > Text > join block
3. Use a Number Input instead of a text block.  The Number Input can be configured to use a prefix, and can be made "read only" - both in the properties panel.  I'd recommend this because it gives you the most control over the decimals.

Here's how to do these -

Hope that helps!

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