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Custom background invisible during edit?

I'm trying to make a lesson on a certain piece of software. I want to show a screenshot of the screen in question and then have hotspots on the various locations of interest. I've managed to set the screenshot as the background of the lesson but I can't see it when I'm editing the lesson (the screen is white during editing). I do need to see it in order to know where my hotspots go.

How can I make the new background visible? 
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RE: Custom background invisible during edit?
3/27/19 10:04 PM as a reply to Bianca Grin.
Hi Bianca,
If you're building a hotspot interaction, you'll want to keep your screenshot image close by.  So, I wouldn't recommend placing it on the Master, or anywhere else it might be - don't think of it is as a lesson background, but instead just another object on the page.  Here's how I would set it up -

If you have a particular reason to place the image somewhere else, let us know what your goal is, and we can recommend a solution.

Without seeing your current situation, I would guess that you've applied the image to a new Master, but haven't applied that Master to any pages.

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