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Written Response Tracking

Written Response Tracking
5/30/19 5:34 PM
I'd like a portion of my lession to include an essay question that students will submit for grading. I have inserted a "Text Input" box but how do I retreive the responses?
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RE: Written Response Tracking
6/3/19 7:15 PM as a reply to Alyssa Ingurgio.
Part 1: Authoring the lesson to send the text via xAPI to SmartTracker
Short Video Showing this process ( )

Part 2: Uploading the lesson to SmartTracker
In order to track what specific learner has entered, each learner will need to login to SmartTracker before launching the lesson. As the administrator, you can create an account for each learner and send them their password, or, you can allow learners to self-register. Note, you can also customize the SmartTracker login page (e.g. add your organizations logo and change the background and text colors)

When you publish, select Register as New content limited to my organization – If you leave the default setting, New content available to anyone, then any learner can access the content without logging in, and you won’t know who typed what.

Lastly, please note that with your SmartBuilder subscription, you get 25 active SmartTracker learner licenses for free. An active learner is a record of a learner being associated with one or more lessons in the current month. For example, if a learner launches the same lesson three times, or launches five different lessons, he/she is only counted as one active learner. Learners that are registered in SmartTracker but who are inactive during the month are not counted, and inactive users’ data remains available for reporting. Pricing for additional SmartTracker learner licenses can be found on our web site.

Part 3: Using SmartTracker to generate a report.
Short Video Showing this process ( )
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