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Drop Down Properties

Drop Down Properties
11/14/19 8:08 PM
I'm building a web simulation and need to be able to match the drop-down menus to our site. Is there a way to make the dropdown all white? I've attached a screenshot of what I have so far (first pic) and what I'd like it to look like (second pic). 
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RE: Drop Down Properties
11/15/19 5:31 PM as a reply to Scott Sheridan.
Hi Scott,
You can try setting the "Render Type" property to ARIA UL -

The Render Type property is mainly for changing how screenreaders view the DDL object, but it has a closer look to what you are trying to achieve.  I would check it out on different browsers / devices since the look of the DDL is mostly controlled by the browser.  If needed, we can provide some instructions on how to add some styling code to the published output so you can tailor the look of the object with more precision - it would just require some post-production edits.

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