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Calendar to choose date?

Calendar to choose date?
1/9/20 6:57 PM
Hello Smartbuilder Friends, 
I'm creating a simulation of one of our online client portals and need to be able to click into a text input box and have that show a calendar for users to choose a date from.  Is this possible?  I've attached a screenshot of what I'm looking to achieve.  
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RE: Calendar to choose date?
1/9/20 7:31 PM as a reply to Scott Sheridan.
Hi Scott,
There's a couple pieces here... First off, I don't think you need to use an Input Text object at all.  Just a Hotspot placed over the image of the input field that, when clicked, shows the calendar.  See screenshot attached.  Unless you also want users to be able to type in a date.

Secondly, how high-fidelity is your simulation?  Is there a correct date they must choose?  That's simple - there would be one correct hotspot, and a second "catch-all" incorrect hotspot below it.  Or can they select any date, and it will fill in the field?  That will require a unique hotspot for each day, and unique logic to translate each hotspot click into a different date in the date field.

Hope that helps!

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