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Highlight Until Clicked?

Highlight Until Clicked?
5/7/20 6:40 PM
Hello SB Team!  
I'm working on a project in which a user is visiting a business and needs to meet different people inside. I'd like to have the user directed to visit another part of the office.  Is there a way to have a shape highlight continuously until clicked?  I see that it is a transition in option, but it's very quick.  
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RE: Highlight Until Clicked?
5/7/20 7:18 PM as a reply to Scott Sheridan.
Hi Scott,
What sort of highlight are you thinking? Something that is always there? Or something that is animating? When the learner clicks on the thing, do they leave they page? Do they come back?

For a static highlight (no animation), you can sort of treat it like you would a checkmark, but inversed. It is shown until the thing is clicked, and then it is hidden after that.

For an animated highlight, you can set up repeating actions using a timer.

Here's a video that shows you how to do this, starting small and adding complexity -

Hope that helps!

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