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Text Placement and Wrap Changing in Preview/Publish

Hello!  I'm having an issue where the text size and/or wrap and/or placement is changing from when I'm building the later as compared to the preview or publish.  When building the layer, I have the text perfectly placed around a 'Next' button.  Then, when I preview or publish, the text wrapping changes to the text is now overlapping with the 'Next' button (see the attached image).  Any ideas?  Thanks in advance!
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RE: Text Placement and Wrap Changing in Preview/Publish
5/15/20 2:32 PM as a reply to Derek Shickel.
Hi Derek,

Different browsers will render text slightly differently. Even if the difference is very small on average, these differences can sometimes result in a word wrapping onto a new line in one browser but not in another. This is what seems to be happening in your screen shot (the word "frequently" is appearing on a different line in publish mode).

In general, we recommend that you add a little extra space below a block of text so if text extends to a new line it won't overlap another object.

If you can't do this, there is a property, Text Rendering, which allows you to select WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get). WYSIWYG rendering gives a consistent spacing/placement across all browsers / devices, but it does make authoring and viewing a little slower (it's more computationally intensive). It's also slightly less crisp, so we don't recommend using it for all text in your lesson.



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