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Audio Subtitles

Audio Subtitles
9/16/20 5:07 PM
Hi SB Team,
Hope you’re well! 

We had a question about accessibility today.  Have you or had any experience with subtitling the audio in an SB lesson?  If so, how would one go about it?  My thought would be to physically create a text box on each page with the script typed out, but if you know of any other ways, I’d appreciate hearing any ideas you may have. 

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RE: Audio Subtitles
9/16/20 5:26 PM as a reply to Scott Sheridan.
Hi Scott,
Thanks for posting this on the forum. As you can imagine, the answer is "it varies". It depends on how your lesson is already built, and how you want stuff to look.
  • One text box on each page is usually the best way to go. It's relatively easy to set up, and you can use a scrollbar on the text object so that it always takes up the same amount of space, regardless of how much text there is for that page. You can also create some actions on the Master page to show/hide the text.
  • If you have audio (and cc) on every page in your lesson, you might want to create a Master that has all the captions - one Layer per page, and then lock them together with actions so that when, for example, Page 6 is shown, Layer 6 of the captions stack is shown.
  • You could potentially also have one Text object on your Master, and dynamically set the contents of the text from each page. If you want to quickly make global changes to the look and feel of the captions.
  • If you want fancier captions that only show a sentence at a time, you can use a Timeline to sync the audio and the captions. This is a manual process.
  • If you have multiple audios per page that can be played in any sequence, that's pretty tricky to do. I think you have to set up cue points on the audio and then some actions to show the appropriate text at each cue point.
  • If you have videos, there is a whole captioning format that you can follow.
If you go with the first option, make sure to use the same tag on all your closed caption objects (the Text object itself, and if it has a background). Later you can show or hide objects with that specific tag from the Master. Here's a short video -

Hope that helps!
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