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Removing redundant global variables

Removing redundant global variables
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9/30/20 6:48 AM
I started working on a new Smartbuilder lesson by copying it from an older existing lesson. 

I deleted most of the pages in the new lesson which were copied from the older lesson but I could see the global variables used on those pages still show up in the variables list. 

It's not creating any issue but I would like to tidyup my new lesson a bit. so how do I remove these redundant variables?

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RE: Removing redundant global variables
9/30/20 4:06 PM as a reply to D Singh.
Hi Daljit,
Thanks for posting this here. Short answer - on the Action Canvas, create a block that points to the variable in question, and then in the dropdown, choose "Delete Variable".

Here's a video showing most of the common actions around variables (creating, duplicating, renaming, deleting, creating get/set versions, finding other instances of that variable) -

Hope that helps!

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