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Import projects
3/9/21 4:30 AM
Hi, I have a team with several people. I want each of them to do a diffirent part and then merge the project at last. How can I get that work flow with smartbuilder? In the import menu I can only import sb3 and powerpoint files. is there a way to import sb4 files in to another sb4?
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RE: Import projects
3/9/21 6:53 PM as a reply to luffyace kun.
Great question! Here's a video that shows you how to do this

YouTube version -
Non-YouTube link -

After combining the pages, you'll want to quickly go through the whole lesson and make sure everything works as expected, especially in the transitions between sections. Interfacing with the Master Page (global events) is another to check for.

The first time you do this will be a learning process. For subsequent lessons, you may wish to start with a "starter lesson" that has the Master page already built and some commonly used pages, and work from that. You will want to coordinate with your team regarding keeping a common visual style for text and objects.

Let us know if you have any questions!

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