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How to generate a user friendly asset name for downloads

Hello SB Team!

I have a pdf job-aid file that I am linking to in a SB lesson so that users can download a 'cheat-sheet' when they get to that section of the course.

The issue is that when the file generates, and a user goes to 'download' the PDF from their browser, a non user-friendly asset name is used instead of the actual file name.  

Is there a way to change this?  I'd prefer to create a user experience where the user downloads a file and it has the title I specify rather than making them have to catch that step and rename the file.

Any help is appreciated. 



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RE: How to generate a user friendly asset name for downloads
2/22/22 10:53 PM as a reply to Leif Cederblom.
Hi Leif,
I'll check with the dev team to see if this is something they can update - it's tricky because the asset file might have special characters, or not be unique when added to SmartBuilder.

A quick workaround would be to point to the asset you want. Either hosted elsewhere (point directly to a URL - see image1), or toss the file into the directory after publishing (see image2). Just make sure your filename is websafe.

If option 2 is better, and you are publishing frequently, or need this file as part of many packages, there's a way to bundle things with ALL lessons you publish, but that method might be overkill for this situation.

Hope that helps! Let us know how it goes!

- Nav
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RE: How to generate a user friendly asset name for downloads
2/23/22 5:46 AM as a reply to Navdeep Dhillon.
Hi Nav,

Both these solutions sound like they will work for my needs since I am launching it as a web-page, and not from an LMS.  

In thinking about when I would launch the course from an LMS, the second option you describe would be somewhat prone to human error as I might forget to do that post-production step (especially if I were updating a prior course I hadn't worked on in a while.)  Thus, the enhancement might be worth considering... you could always just append a number to the filename like a microsoft download (eg. "Some_file_name(1).pdf".)

Again, your work arounds will suffice for me for now, so no worries.  If no-one else has had that need or issue, then the enhancement may not be worth the effort.

Thanks for the quick answer today!


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