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Content invisible in Master

Content invisible in Master
6/24/22 9:07 AM
Hello Smartbuilders,
My colleague passed over a Smartbuilder base file which contained several Masters, to use as a template.
He then left for vacation so he can`t help me personally.

The file contains a few Master slides that appear to be empty, but in fact contain several layers and objects.
There are invisible inside the editor, until I hide or lock the layer/object. It then shows up on stage, until I click somewhere in the stage.
As you may understand, this makes it very hard to work with the file..

is this a bug? A feature I don't know about yet, or is the file corrupted somehow?

Kind regards;
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RE: Content invisible in Master
6/24/22 4:34 PM as a reply to Daniel de Ridder.
Hi Daniel,
It's hard to say what's going on without seeing the lesson, and specifically what you're seeing when you interact with the lesson. If you can start a support chat, or we can schedule a screensharing meeting, that would be ideal - but if not, perhaps you can send us a video of what you're seeing / trying to do, and possibly send us your lesson as well. You can send these to support at We'll probably send you a detailed video response, and then reply here with a quick summary of our findings.

Here's some non-specific information about handling the Hide and Lock features and how the Master might fit into that. Hopefully that helps:

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