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Example of Multiple Stacks

Example of Multiple Stacks
8/1/22 8:07 AM
Dear Team
Can you please provide an example where multiple stacks can be used?
In the tutorials there is an example of multiple layers but I couldn't understand where multiple stacks can be created and used
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RE: Example of Multiple Stacks
7/27/22 7:00 PM as a reply to sanjyot salgar patkar.
Hi Sanjyot,
Thanks for posting this on the forum!

You can use multiple stacks whenever one stack is not sufficient. Usually these are pretty complex pages.

Here's one example - imagine you have an entire quiz built onto a single page (your questions are all in one stack), and you want to have your feedback in a different stack.

Or if you have a complex interaction with lots of moving parts (intro, feedback) and popups throughout.

Here's a video showing you examples of these -

Let us know if you have any questions!
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