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Drag and Drop items:

Drag and Drop items:
12/15/22 10:00 AM
Dear Team
Although I have restricted the limit to single drop item on the drag zone so when the user tries to drag more items it is taken back to the earlier position. Since I have shown the ticks and crosses for the last dropped item on the zone the ticks and crosses change. I need the ticks and crosses as per the first dropped item and not the last dropped item on the zone.
There is no option except for theĀ  last dragged or last dropped item .Can you please suggest which options can be used so that the ticks and crosses remain as per the first item dropped.
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RE: Drag and Drop items:
12/15/22 6:25 PM as a reply to sanjyot salgar patkar.
Hi Sanjyot,
Can you please email us your existing lesson? If it's too large to email, you can upload it here. Just going from a text description, there are many ways for us to misinterpret what you're asking, or there might be additional settings/features that you are using where we might suggest a solution, but it doesn't make sense for your use case. It's also much quicker if we work from your use case, rather than try to set up one that might be similar to what you have.

A video showing the problem (even if there's no audio) would also be really helpful for us. Thanks!

My initial thought is that of course you want to see the feedback when you just dropped something. Or you don't show the feedback at all when you drop something, you have a submit button that shows the feedback for all items. I think your use case might be different, but it's impossible to know before we see it.

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