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WEb Object not working

WEb Object not working
1/7/23 7:04 AM
Dear Team
I am trying to embed a web object in the file. On clicking on the link the expected page is to open for the student. I have embedded the url in the web object but while previewing or after publishing the link does not open from the web object. Also the web object shows an error 'Failed to connect'.
Attached is my file
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RE: WEb Object not working
1/6/23 5:40 PM as a reply to sanjyot salgar patkar.
Hi Sanjyot,
Are you trying to just launch a new window when the learner clicks on a button or text? In that case you want to use a hyperlink. You can add a hyperlink to a Button or a Hotspot by using the Hyperlink icon in the main toolbar:

Or in a Rich Text object, you can select some text and make a hyperlink on just that text.

The "Web Object" is an IFrame that tries to load another webpage within the bounds of the Web Object (embedding the whole website within the context of the lesson). Many websites will not allow themselves to be loaded into an IFrame that is coming from another server. That doesn't seem to be what you want here (since the Web Object is really small).

As a reminder, this is a public forum, so if you don't want to share your source file you might want to remove it. You can always email us first, and if it's a question that might benefit others, we'll ask you to copy and paste your question here and we'll post a reply so that it helps other people.

Hope that helps!
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