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Responsive design- Master Template sizing issues

Dear Team

I need to adjust the margin in the master template for responsive designfor Phone, Desktop and Laptop. Since the base image is going to be the same I would like to paste it in the master template and adjust the margin accordingly. The yellow dotted line that appears for adjusting the margin does not move in the master template for different layouts. Is this locked or this is not possible in the master template?
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RE: Responsive design- Master Template sizing issues
1/16/23 5:57 PM as a reply to sanjyot salgar patkar.
Hi Sanjyot,
The line you're talking about doesn't actually do anything on the Masters. It can be safely ignored. We should probably remove it.

To get more technical, that line controls the page height for specific pages. You can have Page 1 be 750px tall, and Page 2 be 1000px tall. The Master, which can be present on any page, doesn't have a fixed height, it uses the RegularPage height that it is attached to.

If you go and view any RegularPage, and return to the Master, you'll see that the line has changed its position.
Here's a video if you're curious -
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