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Bookmarking to include Layers

Bookmarking to include Layers
7/20/23 3:51 AM
Is there a possibility to include bookmarking on layers instead of only the pages?

Assume I have two modules having 5 topics each that would be displayed on layers within each page. 
With just the bookmarking master, I would have to complete all the five topics within the page for me to use the bookmark. 
What I'm looking for is a way to use the bookmarking on each of the layers as well. So if I were to complete only two topics in a module, exit the course and access it later - I should then be able to pick up where I left rather than having to start that module again. 

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RE: Bookmarking to include Layers
7/20/23 3:38 PM as a reply to Rupert Picardo.
Hi Rupert,
Yes, this is possible! The LMS bookmark field is pretty small, so we only store the page number. But we already store (and restore) all the variables in the bigger LMS suspend_data field. Usually this happens when the page changes, but you'll want to do it more frequently for your use case (after they view each item).

If you're not already tracking item-level completion with variables, you'll need to set up that functionality first (the bulk of the video below). If you are already keeping track of which items have been viewed in variables, then you only need to call the "suspend_variables" global event after updating each variable to make sure its saved after each item is viewed.

Video -

xAPI and local storage are alternative places to "save" data. But if you're using a SCORM-compliant LMS, you can ignore those terms in the video.

Sample lesson attached (page 11 has the custom functionality). Hope that helps!

- Nav
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RE: Bookmarking to include Layers
7/21/23 1:31 AM as a reply to Navdeep Dhillon.
Brilliant !
Thanks for the quick turnaround. 
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