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Image placeholder resizes

Image placeholder resizes
beta image
12/21/16 1:59 PM
Problem: Image Placeholder resizes

1. Created an imaged and resized as top banner (1000x 65)
2. Copied image object. Lock to original size is set to false
3. Double click to load bottom banner which is larger (1024 x 85)
4. Image changes placeholder size to 102 x 85 instead of 1000 x 65
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RE: Image placeholder resizes
1/5/17 12:57 PM as a reply to Beta User.
Thanks for logging this issue. There are arguments to be made on both sides of this design issue (keep the object size vs. update the object to match the size of the media).

The arguments for the latter are: it ensures the image won't be distorted due to a change in aspect ratio; the author will notice if they load a very large image, which isn't web friendly; they can still resize the image after it loads.

We will leave this current design pending more usability feedback.
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