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Actions: Enhancement Request - Set Position Option

Category: Actions

Enhancement Request:
It would be helpful to have an action item that would allow an object (Text Boxes, Images, Shapes, etc.) that would allow the author to define a that objects position on the screen. This would be similar to the Move action that allows you to animate an object from one x,y position to another but would do so without the animation.

Use Case:
Many of our courses are simulations of applications and we have a standard position for user instructions that appear in the same place on every page. In some instances, the action the user needs to take appears under the instructions. In SB3, we use a button to hide/show the instructions, but would prefer to give the learner the option to move it out of their way, but still be visible. In SB, we could use the Move to x,y but would prefer to have an option that does not animate the move and instead instantly snaps the object(s) to the new location.
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RE: Actions: Enhancement Request - Set Position Option
instructions movement
1/13/17 9:11 AM as a reply to Steve Shipe.

Thanks for logging the request. We've added it to the backlog.

Another option you may want to consider is making the instructions draggable by the learner. To do this, create an action such as this:

When page.onLoad
enable drag {draggable layer}

The 'enable drag' block can be found in the 'Move' action category. Pls. see the attached video.
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RE: Actions: Enhancement Request - Set Position Option
1/13/17 7:36 PM as a reply to Rob Penn.

Excellent suggestion! 

I was about to reply that this would only work with a single Shape + Text and that we typically use a combination of objects to create our intruction area so this wouldn't work. Imagine my delight when I determined that you can also enable a layer or an entire stack to be dragable. That is quite useful!!!!

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