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Templates: Drag and Drop Matching Template Wizard

Category: Templates - Matching Template Wizard and Cast Layering

This is more of a call out/question than a bug report; however, it does cause some confusion.

When adding the Drag/Drop Matching Template, the objects are preplaced in a specific order in the cast. If the author then adds one or more additional Drag/Drop/Drop Labels using the wizard, the new one(s) are added to the top of the cast. This results in those new items being layered above the original items. When previewed, if the learner then drags one of the original drag items to one of the new drop zones, the original objects disappear behind the new drop zone since it is layered higher in the cast.

The obvious solution is to manually adjust the layering in the cast to account for this; however, this seems counter intuitive since one may expect the wizard to make this adjustment automatically.

I am not sure if there is anything that can be done programmitically about this, but thought I would mention just in case.
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RE: Templates: Drag and Drop Matching Template Wizard
1/13/17 7:40 PM as a reply to Navdeep Dhillon.

Thanks for the feedback. I used your suggestion about changing the Fill propery and that does indeed resolve the issue of the drag object being hidden. I look forward to seeing this template as you all continue to apply fixes and fine tuning.

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