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Editing and Saving .sb4tpl Template files

Category: Templates

Enhancement Request:
Currently, the only way to edit a template that as been previously created and saved is to import it into SB4 and apply it to a page. Once applied, it can then be edited as needed; however, when it is saved using the Advanced/Save Page as Template option, the author is presented with a blank form that has to be filled out again. This causes extra steps since the Title/Description/Category and thumbnail options all have to be filled in again even though the intent is to simply replace an existing sb4tpl file that already contains all of that.

Request 1:
It would more time efficient and intuitive if there was an option to pull in a .sb4tpl file into SB, preferably with the option to have a Open File type interface andĀ  the ability to simply drag the file from windows explorer to the SB4 screen. This would save the author from having to go through the Import and/or apply template process.

Request 2:
Upon saving the newly edited template page, it would be extremely helpful for the Generate Template Package form to be prefilled with the informationĀ that was entered originally rather to be presented with a blank form.
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