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Hou to Disable Check For Updates

Hou to Disable Check For Updates
6/8/17 9:24 PM
When i lanch SmartBuilder 4 it checking for updates automatically. Please guide me on how to disable this
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RE: Hou to Disable Check For Updates
7/5/17 5:02 PM as a reply to eswari doppalapudi.
Hi Eswari,
I believe that we have already found a solution via our emails, but I just wanted to post here for anyone else that has the same question in the future.

For most users, you can go to Edit > Preferences and uncheck the "Check for updates when launching SmartBuilder".

If you are admin that is trying to install SmartBuilder for your users, and want to perminantly disable the update mechanism (for example, you are in a high-security network), when installing the application, you can use the command line parameters of:

smartbuilder4-setup.exe /verysilent -noopen -noupdate
(note: /verysilent and -noopen are for silent installs, not necessary for this to work)

sudo /usr/sbin/installer -pkg pathToPackage
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