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How to use same color on buttons in different pages

Hi smart builder team, I am a beginner in sb4.

 I have 10 pages and 7 buttons with information box when I click on a button the information box is open and button color is changed (Like blue to green) 

I have a question is that " When I click on a particular button on the first page the button color is changed and how to use that changed color in second-page when the page is loaded"?

I hope you can help me.
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RE: How to use same color on buttons in different pages
8/4/20 9:24 PM as a reply to ashish sharma.
Hi Ashish,
It depends a bit on how you change the color of the button in the first place. But overall, to "remember" if a button has been clicked, you'll want to create a variable for each button and when that button is clicked, set the variable for that button to 'true'. And when page 2 loads, if say buttons 2 and 3 have already been clicked, you'll want to set those buttons to the clicked color immediately.

There might be other, more efficient, ways to do this - such as putting the buttons on a Master Page. We would have to see the lesson to get more context.

Hope that helps!

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