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How to fix bookmark button functionality

 Hi SB team,
       I am using a bookmark template as a master page and this master page applies in all pages but when I click on the "go-to bookmark button", Bookmark box closed and not working properly... 

     My question is that: "When I click on the 'go-to bookmark button' then I have to go back to that page where I last left it on"? How to solve this problem? 

    Give me an example
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RE: How to fix bookmark button functionality
8/10/20 4:26 PM as a reply to ashish sharma.
Hi Ashish,
The bookmark template will only work when the lesson is published and delivered from an LMS. Or if delivered from SmartTracker and the learner has a SmartTracker learner account (not anonymous).

Are you testing this from an LMS? If not, please try publishing the lesson as a SCORM package, and uploading it to your LMS to try from there.

If you do not intend to deliver the lesson from an LMS, then the template can be modified to store the bookmark using local storage (similar to cookies). If you store the bookmark data on the local machine, that means that if the same user uses 2 machines, the bookmark will not be found (because it is stored on the old machine), and if more than one user shares a single computer, their bookmarks will be mixed. Usually people want the bookmark stored to the LMS if they have one.

Let us know if you need instructions on how to change the template to store locally. Hope that helps!

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