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Region detection outside of an LMS

Region detection outside of an LMS
12/10/21 6:28 PM
I'm building a module that will live outside of an LMS and would like to implemet some form of regional IP detection. Basically set a varibable to reflect US or EU during the inital page load. There is no user login and I would prefer to not have this as a user selection, they already had to pass a few logins even to get to this... groan.... Possible?
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RE: Region detection outside of an LMS
12/10/21 7:13 PM as a reply to Ry Landry.
Hello Ry,
We'll have to check on this and get back to you. Do you know of a method of detecting region already (outside of SmartBuilder)? Is the hosting environment already aware of the region? It seems there are two parts to this:
  1. Detect region
  2. Inform SmartBuilder
#2 should be easy once you figure out #1.

If the hosting environment is aware of the region, when it launches the lesson, it can pass along a parameter, like so: and SB can get that "region" launch parameter.

If that's not an option, then you might be able to find some 3rd-party IP detection service (for example - ), and then getting it to talk to SB should be fairly easy.

Let us know what you're working with, and we can go from there!
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