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Using timeline and layers

Using timeline and layers
6/29/22 12:07 PM
If I want to have multiple layers on a page, and I want the objects on each layer to show up in various spots associated with the audio track. How can I use the timeline? It is attached to the first layer, and subsequent layers use the same timeline.
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RE: Using timeline and layers
6/29/22 3:44 PM as a reply to David Sprecher.
Hi David,
Thanks for posting here.

There is only one Timeline per page, and it's attached to the page itself. Unfortunately you cannot directly add layers to a Timeline. You have a couple workarounds, though:

You can show invisible shapes in the Timeline, and then create actions to say "when Shape 4 is shown, show Layer 4".

Or, you can create Cue Points on the Timeline, and create actions based off those Cues.

Here's a video:

Hope that helps!

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