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Splitting up large lessons

Splitting up large lessons
6/29/22 6:20 PM
When a lesson is significantly large, and I decide to split it into two files, how do I do that efficiently? It seems very clunky to remove a large number of pages. Basically, how do I split a large lesson up into smaller files?
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RE: Splitting up large lessons
6/29/22 6:22 PM as a reply to David Sprecher.
Hi David,
There's a couple things that will help you with this:
  1. Shift+Click on a page will select every page that comes after that.
  2. You don't need to select a page before you can delete it. You can right click on a page, and you should get the option to delete without having to load that page (which can make things faster). However, deleting a page will reload the page panel, which does take some time.
  3. Delete Branch is an option that will delete that page, and every page that comes after it.

Here's a video showing how I would split a lesson into smaller parts:

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