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Can't delete templates

Can't delete templates
12/29/16 7:04 PM
When a template has been added to a page, it cannot be deleted without first adding another template. The option to Delete Template will display, but nothing happens when you click OK.

1) Add a Multiple Choice template to a page
2) Select Template/Delete Template
3) Select the template name and check the box to delete instance objects from page
3) Click OK

The template and objects remain on the page.

Desired Results:
The template and objects should be removed as requested. Currently, the only way to remove a single template from a page is to delete the page or add another template before deleting the first.
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RE: Can't delete templates
1/5/17 4:47 PM as a reply to Beta User.
Thanks for logging this. This may have been user error. We have changed how templates are handled for the Beta 2  release to separate regular and master pages when they are applied as templates. Therefore, this may be fixed as part of that effort. However, if you can still reproduce this bug using Beta 2, please log it. Thanks!
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