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Hotspots override drag-to-scroll gesture on touchscreens

Hi there,

When viewing a course on a phone touchscreen, I have found that if the user starts a drag-to-scroll gesture and their first touch is coincidentally on a hotspot, the touch immediately triggers the action attached to the hotspot, which then overrides the intent to drag-to-scroll.

If there is an area of content that is dense with hotspots, it’s almost impossible to scroll without triggering the hotspots.

This isn’t typical behaviour on the web, so can something be changed to prevent this?

Many thanks in advance
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RE: Hotspots override drag-to-scroll gesture on touchscreens
3/12/24 10:13 PM as a reply to Leon R.
Hi Leon,
I think Hotspots are not often used on websites that scroll and are are meant to be viewed on a phone. Usually there's isn't enough room on a phone to tap on what you want without accidentally tapping on the wrong thing.

Hotspots in general aren't used on websites often any more outside of elearning. When we have used Hotspots on elearning designed for mobile devices, we have not allowed scrolling (fit to width and height), and/or content designed for a tablet or a phone held in landscape. 

Mostly on the you see buttons on phone-friendly-websites, which I believe do allow you to scroll even if they're touched.

In any case, we'll check to see if we can change this on our end, as you're right - this probably isn't the preferred behavior. The immediate workaround would be to use button objects (with a very transperant fill) instead of Hotspots.
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RE: Hotspots override drag-to-scroll gesture on touchscreens
3/14/24 10:46 AM as a reply to Navdeep Dhillon.
Thank you for the reply. I have tested and can confirm transparent buttons do not interrupt the drag-to-scroll gesture
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