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Motion path: objects don't follow path

Category: Objects (Motion Paths)
Description:If a page has two motion paths, one going from left to right and the other going from right to left using the same Shape or other object, the object flies off the left side of the page rather than remaining at the end point of motion path 2.
Steps:1) Create a Motion Path going from left to right2) Create a second Motion Path going from right to left3) Create a Shape or other object and place to the left side of the screen.4) Create a trigger to click on and set up a When onClick action with Shape Object moving along Motion Path 1 from 1 to end5) Create an action of when Shape Object reaches Motion Path 1 end, do move along Motion Path 2 from 1 to end
See attached .sb4 for example.
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RE: Motion path: objects don't follow path
1/5/17 5:19 PM as a reply to Beta User.
Thanks for logging this issue. It has been fixed.
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