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Timeline edits don't register lesson as needing saving

Category: File/Save
Description:Changes to time lines, such as adding objects or adjusting timing, are not considered edits for the purpose of saving. SB4 does not mark the tab with an asterisk nor does clicking Save actually save the changes to the time line(s). This is misleading and can lead to lost work if the only changes are to time lines and the author clicks save and closes the course thinking that the changes have been saved.
Steps:1) Place several objects on the stage and save the file.2) Add the objects to the time line and then adjust the times without making any other changes and save the file.3) Close the course
Results:When you reopen the files, the objects will be there since they were saved in step 1; however the changes to the time line in step 2 will not be there since SB4 did not consider them as edits.
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RE: Timeline edits don't register lesson as needing saving
1/5/17 5:21 PM as a reply to Beta User.
Thanks for logging this issue. It has been fixed.
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