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Keyboard shortcuts also copy stage objects

Category: Keyboard Shortcuts on Actions CanvasDescription:Using the keyboard shortcuts for Copy/Paste (CTRL+C and CTRL+V) to copy  and paste an action tends to also copy and paste whatever was last selected on the stage or in the Cast.Steps:1) Select an object on either the Stage or the Cast2) Click in the Actions Canvas and use CTRL+C to copy an action3) Use CTRL+V to paste the a copy of the action on the canvasResult:Not only is the action copy/pasted, but the object on the stage and/or the cast is also copy/pasted resulting in unintended duplicates.Desired Result:The copy/paste keyboard shortcuts should only affect the panel where the cursor is active.
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RE: Keyboard shortcuts also copy stage objects
1/5/17 5:23 PM as a reply to Beta User.
We cannot reproduce this. However, if this happens again, please log a ticket and attach the SB4 along with steps to reproduce the problem, if possible. Thanks!
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