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How to add this functionality

How to add this functionality
9/2/20 3:00 PM
Hi SB team
I have 5 deselect buttons and click randomly any button and which button is clicked, that button is hidden and some text is seen and after 4 buttons are clicked the new layer is open
please click on this video link and open a video and the same functionality which you are seen in this, I have put the same functionality in my project. 
I hope you will help me
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RE: How to add this functionality
9/2/20 6:14 PM as a reply to ashish sharma.
Hi Ashish,
This is a bit involved for a support-related question. Usually help with setting up complex, highly use-case specific functionality starts to move into the area of paid consulting. However, this is a good example of how to use Variables and Conditions in a real world example, and we think it would be helpful to others as well.

Basically you need to keep count of how many buttons were clicked (using a variable), and then a series of conditional actions to check to see what the count is, and which people have already been disabled, so that you only show the text for the right people. Here is a video that shows you how to set this up:

Hope that helps!

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