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Tabing to the object off screen

Tabing to the object off screen
text input tab order
10/26/20 5:19 PM
In my Master page, on the footer buttons, I moved one of the buttons outside of visible stage area so that i could re-use it later on.

However, when I used the tab key to navigate from first input box to the second input box, the tab focus went to the footer buttons insteads starting from the Menu button. I kept pressing tab key and it jumped to all the buttons there sequentially and as soon as it moved past Next button, it jumped to the Standards button which is off screen and made it visible.

I wasn't expecting this button it be shown as I had moved it off stage area.

What do I need to do to fix it?

Query 2 - 
Is it possible to set a tab order? For example, if there were 4 input boxes so if I pressed tab key in the first input box, it would take me to the second and so on?

I have attached a screenshot below.
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RE: Tabing to the object off screen
10/26/20 8:13 PM as a reply to D Singh.
For tabbing to the object off screen, I don't think that's a bug, but it is usually not what you want. Objects that are off the edge of the page still exist, and the browser will automatically scroll to show an object that gets focus (this can be used to scroll up and down tall pages). The best way around that is to turn off the Start Visible property of the button (or any tabable object that is off screen - radio buttons, checkboxes, drop down lists, inputs) - it can be reused later, but will not exist at runtime as a tabble object.

For tabbing in general, you should just be able to put the tabbable objects as you have them, and they will tab from top to bottom, and if two objects are at the same height on the page, then left to right. This can be changed in Edit > Lesson Settings to use the Cast order. See this help page, the section titled "Set tab focus order".

However, there seems to be a particular issue with Number Input objects at the moment, where you cannot tab away from them. We will log this as a bug, and it will likely be fixed in our next update.

If you're using a Text Input object, or other objects, and you're having issues with the tab order, please email us your lesson (or a copy of the page) and we'll take a closer look.

- Nav
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