Offline License Instructions Offline License Instructions

If you can connect to the Internet, online validation is a faster and easier way to activate SmartBuilder.  However, if SmartBuilder must be used on a computer that is offline, follow the activation instructions below.

  1. Install SmartBuilder on the computer.  See installation instructions.
  2. Open SmartBuilder. 
  3. When you see the message below, click Activate using license key.
  4. Click on the link to "install an offline license file".
  5. Copy or make a note of the Host ID.  It will be needed later.
  6. On a computer that is connected to the Internet, log into the SmartBuilder portal.  Navigate to the License page.
  7. Find the license key and choice Actions > Activate.
  8. Type or paste in the Host ID, from step 5 above, and click Update.
  9. Click on the download license link to download the “license.sblc” file.
  10. Use a thumbdrive or other method to transfer the “license.sblc” file to the offline computer.  Store it somewhere safe, such as the SmartBuilder installation folder, or your My Documents folder.
  11. Open SmartBuilder and follow steps 3, 4, and 5 above to return to the SmartBuilder offline license dialog.  Click on the Browse... button and select the “license.sblc” file.
  12. SmartBuilder will re-launch and be ready to use.