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Please remove the dead-zone between radio buttons and adjacent text label


I have found that radio buttons and check boxes have a dead-zone between the icon and text label. Clicking in that region does nothing.

In addition, could you generally increase the area of the active clickable zone for radio and check box choices? For example, text can be clicked, but there is zero additional clickable zone above and below the text label. Same goes for the icon. Can you please put an extra 5 or 10 pixels around every clickable part of these interactions?

I am finding this to be a real problem on phone screens where taps are generally far less precise than a mouse pointer.

The screenshot below should hopefully clarify my request. The orange and green outlines indicate the clickable region.

Link to screenshot -
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Hi Leon,

This is good suggestion, and your screenshot is helpful; thanks for the feedback. I've logged the enhancement request with our development team and we think it can be added in the next update due for release in a couple weeks.
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Also, in the meatime, there is the option to increase the button size:
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I can see this change has been implemented in version 5.1.0.

Many thanks for doing that.
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